'Revamping Old Furniture'



The Old but Most Comfortable lounge Chair

Ok we all have that chair that everybody in the family fights over – sometimes you are lucky and manage to get to it but after a while it more than looks a little lived in – Yep time for a revamp………..


This chair is an original Artifort Lounge chair and was covered in a brown, beige stripe wool – time for a change.


First off what material????? – in keeping with the original it had to be a wool – the client chose a fantastic wool fabric from Instyle – design ‘Mammoth’, colour ‘Decision’.


The Artifort Lounge chair has to be one of the most comfortable chairs there is and was a joy to recover.


Working with a top quality fabric makes all the



Old material
Original Artifort Base

Stripey – the bold bedroom stool



Stripey bedroom stool


I found this material a while ago and have just been waiting for the right project to use it.


Yes – the colours are a bit out there, but I think they are fun, lively and will brighten up a bedroom,  giving it a pop of colour.Stripey bedroom stool Old bedroom Stool Old bedroom stool Stripey bedroom stool



The old stool definitely needed a makeover.

Now to decided whether to change the colour of the stool to an antique silver black or just leave it. Will have a think,  in the mean time I may make some cushions with the grey velvet and stripe.

Rattan Outdoor Lounge – MINE or the DOG’s mmmmm

Old Rattan Lounge CushionOk – enough is enough ……….it is high time the cushion for the outdoor rattan lounge was recovered. Yes, I know Jed looks very comfortable and even once a new cover is completed I’m sure he will like it just as well.

I am using an outdoor foam which is more expensive, but it allows any water to run through.

It came slightly too big. As I don’t have a foam cutter (they are quite expensive) I am using an electric bread cutter (you can get one under $ 20.00). No, I’m not completely NUTS, it does a pretty good job.

As long as you have the line marked and cut straight up and down it does a fairly good job.

Electric Bread Knife

Outdoor Foam

Once the foam was cut it was just a matter of cutting the material and get sewing.  I love the contrast of pattern on one side and the stripe on the other. Instead of a zip I decided to put velcro right down one side as I am sure the dog will still make it his resting place – therefore frequent washing. It makes it easier to get the cover off and on.

Cushion Cover/ Velcro

Rattan Cushion for Lounge Rattan Cushion for Lounge Rattan Cushion

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